Ottertail River, Canadian Rockies

Ottertail river and the icefields of Mount Goodsir gleaming in the distance, Canadian Rockies.

One scanned in from the archives this week, from a six-week trek in the Rockies, some years back! I love the light beams and the hazy distance here.  I remember the chatty raven putting on an aerobatics display around me as I climbed the mountain.

This week the heather is finally blooming, a couple of weeks later than it usually might.  Walking the moor today was a  knee-deep purple experience, the colour enhanced against dark cloudy skies rather than blazing in the sun (no photos though).  Speaking of colour, the boggy area I had to cross was a series of lurid bright greens.  Knee-deep too, if I wasn’t careful.

We’ve had a lot of heavy rain, and it has felt more like September or even October on many days this month, so it is good to be reminded that we are still in summer and due our show of colour on the hillsides.  Even if it is currently blowing a gale!

No connection to this week’s quote, unless its to do with our faith in summer despite the evidence!

“I always admired atheists.  I think it takes a lot of faith.”

– Dr Joel Fleischman in ‘Northern Exposure’.

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