Stone Circle

Stone Circle, near Aviemore

England had all that snowfall last Monday – and we had none!  Until midweek, that is.  Thursday saw 8 inches or so, and on friday night another 12 inches fell.

I’m feeling glowing and tired after several great ski expeditions around the valley.  Here’s a local ancient stone circle from yesterday’s trip, well hidden by the snow.

Right now its minus 10 and the full moon is shining blue-silver on the snow…

“You may ask: ‘What is spirit, and what is matter?’  The difference between spirit and matter is as the difference between water and snow.  Frozen water is snow, and melted snow is water.  It is spirit in its denseness which we call matter; it is matter in its fineness which may be called spirit. “

– Hazrat Inayat Khan.

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