Brodgar Snow Sunset

The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney – Winter Sunset.

I thought you could do with another image from the Ring of Brodgar on Orkney from last week, this time with a much more wintry feel!

It suits the weather today, which after some warm days in the week (and my daffodils are finally in flower), is back to heavy snow showers with a sharp northerly wind.

“Circles everywhere,

Everything that sets out

must complete a journey.

What appears to us voyagers

a tangle, random blunderings,

Is seen, angel-vantaged,

as certain as the star-wheel,

Or a journey from the root

that ends in the June rose.

The seed, the bequest,

will quicken again under snow.

Circles compel us everywhere,

Sun and stone and bird-flight. “

– George Mackay Brown,
Orkney writer and poet, 1921 – 1996.

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