Going with the flow

Melting snow cascade catching the light, Monadliath mountains, Scotland.

“… Going with the flow – releasing all concern and tension and allowing the natural order of life flow through one’s being.”

According to the book of Chuang-tzu, an old man is seen by some followers of Confucious swimming in a raging torrent; suddenly, he disappears. The pupils of Confucious rush to save him, but the man reaches the bank entirely unaided. Asked how he had pulled off this remarkable feat of survival, the man replied that he had simply let himself go with the descending and ascending currents in the water. The true Taoist, in other words, moulds his senses, body and mind until they are at one with the currents of the world without.

– from http://www.meaningoflife.i12.com/flow.htm

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