geranium, wildflower meadow, midsummer

Midsummer Meadow

Cranesbill, wildflower meadow, River Spey A midummer’s day stroll through the most beautiful wildflower meadow by the banks of the River Spey.  Unfortunately the day was overcast, with just occasional brief bursts of sunshine – enough time to focus, not enough time to complete a photo – but the flowers were beautiful. I love the […]

Life’s a Beach

Sunshine and clouds, Findhorn Beach, the Moray coast It poured all day on Midsummer’s day and its been a chilly week, but yesterday was summertime at Findhorn beach.  Well, it was warm enough not to need a jacket all the time…  I loved the expanse of sea and sky with the cloudscape. “A friend is […]


Orchid. The first orchids are out this week.  They mostly seem to grow in bogs, hence the photographer rapidly developed “wet-knee” syndrome. There’s quite a variety of them – they’re not just foreign exotic plants, but native exotic flowers too! Solstice Greetings! Its the longest day.  The time of greatest vitality in the solar cycle…  […]