Badenoch from Kinrara, Scottish Highlands

Badenoch Sunset

Badenoch from Torr Alvie Badenoch means ‘the drowned land’ and is the name of the district around Kingussie in upper Strathspey.  The Insh marshes form a large part of the district, and are said to be one of the most important marshes in Europe.  The marshes flood regularly in winter, absorbing and holding a massive […]



Foxgloves, Rothiemurchus How often so you see such a deep blue sky in Scotland?  This tangle of foxgloves were growing in a meadow where trees had been felled, making a vibrant splash of colour on the steep slope. Here’s an etymologist’s musings on the derivation of the name foxglove – the summary?  Nobody knows where […]

Beaver Creek, Sedona, Arizona

Beaver Creek, Sedona, Arizona Another week of rain, and I haven’t been out with the camera, so here’s an image full of wonderful energy and colour from my trip to Arizona last year.  This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, with incredible aliveness. “Mindfulness is a deceptive condition.  It’s not […]

The Forest Edge

Pine trees looming through thick mist and snow, Strathspey I took this a couple of years ago during a really hard winter spell.  It was hard work breaking trail on skis through deep fresh snow, up the trail to the forest edge.  I loved how the shapes of these big pines started to appear through […]

Icy Stream

Icy stream Its been a stunning week, with temperatures down to minus 14 but luckily with crisp sunshine too.  This stream is near a favourite walk, unfortunately the sun doesn’t reach into it at this time of year, but that alowed me to take a long exposure to show the flowing water against the ice. […]

Loch an Eilein Ripples

Loch an Eilein Ripples We had a “proper” September morning last monday with early mist clearing to brilliant blue.   I was out in good time on the bike to catch the mist rising from the forest, but liked best this fallen tree on the shores of Loch an Eilein. Mindfulness has come up in conversation […]