Tree island, Loch Vaa, Strathspey, Scotland


The Tree-Island, Loch Vaa It was a bright afternoon when I went to Loch Vaa – until I got there by which time the afternoon sun had disappeared behind a big cloud bank.  However, it was completely calm, and the muted colours and reflections were well worth the trip. Loch Vaa has no inflow or […]

Loch Mallachie sunset in perfect callm

Loch Mallachie Sunset

Perfect evening calm, Loch Mallachie Loch Mallachie is really just a slightly deeper bit of the surrounding bog, close by the famous Osprey reserve of Loch Garten in Strathspey.  Stunted, characterful pines grow out from the marshy edges, and from the small island.  The loch is home to many birds which breed here in the […]

September morning reflections, Loch an Eilein, Strathspey

September Morning

Golden September Morning, Loch an Eilein We often have the best ‘summer’ weather late on, in September.  Its the classic time of early morning mist, golden sunny warmth, and chill evenings.  Here in Scotland we’ve enjoyed a few such days this week. This is early morning at one of my favourite places. The thick mist […]

Loch an Eilein Ice

Loch an Eilein Ice

Loch an Eilein, Cairngorms National Park Winter really has not happened this year, this is an image from last March on a day of morning ice and stunning clarity of light.  I’m pleased with how it came out, from the stones under the ice in the foreground, to the snowy Cairngorms behind.  I love the […]

loch vaa sunset

Loch Vaa sunset

Sunset at Loch Vaa I’m loving this one – the glowing orange clouds reflected in Loch Vaa, on an evening stroll around the loch.  The walk started with heavy clouds and spitting rain, so this was a perfect end to the day.  I don’t think I have ever seen Loch Vaa so low – it […]

waterlily, lochan mor

Water Lily

Water Lily, Lochan Mor, Strathspey Water Lilies grow in around 1 metre depth which, since I don’t have a high telephoto lens, necessitates getting wet to get closer to them, a potentially risky business whilst holding an expensive camera, ignoring the midges, and hoping not to slip…  Its also hard to stay in focus as […]

The Perfect Mirror

Ice and branch, Loch an Eilein Thankfully it has been a much warmer weekend after the severely cold start – Spring may be properly on her way at last. Here though is another image from the  icy days at Loch an Eilein a couple of weeks ago.  Overnight ice held within a floating branch. Reflection, […]

Sun and Ice

Sun and Ice, Loch an Eilein Its been an amazing week with temperatures down to -10C most nights, and some clear blue days.  Its warm in the sun, and bitter in the shade or when the wind blows!  The ice forms overnight on the loch, then breaks up under the sun and wind during the […]

Loch an Eilein

Loch an Eilein, on a sunny winter’s afternoon. I didn’t expect to have an image from this week – its been well below freezing for most of the week, but very grey and dark.  Today dawned clear and sunny though, which was most welcome!  This photo is at Loch an Eilein, taken at 3pm with […]

Loch an Eilein Pine

Pines and the castle, Loch an Eilein, Strathspey This is surely one of the most-photographed places in Strathspey, with good reason!  It changes so much from moment to moment with the play of light on the water and the changes in weather.  I liked it yesterday with this slight mistiness to the air, and a […]

Silence and Space

Loch Vaa and Ben Guilbin, Strathspey, September Here is Loch Vaa again from that perfect day a couple of weeks ago… rippling beautifully in the sunshine.  I always find that Ben Guilbin (the hill behind the loch) has a mysterious quality.  It certainly has a bit of an ‘atmosphere’ when walking there, a certain energetic […]