Sailing into the sunset

A ferry passes the headlands of Mull, in the glow of a peachy sunset.  From the island of Easdale, on Scotland’s west coast. A few days enjoying the tranquility and peace on the tiny island of Easdale, days spent just watching the endlessly changing sea, the constant interplay between sea, clouds, the light and the […]

Clava midwinter solstice sunset, near Inverness, Scottish Highlands

Clava Solstice

Midwinter sunset at Clava Cairns, near Inverness Solstice greetings!  I’m repeating myself, as this image was taken a full 10 years ago and I used an image from this day in a post from that time.  Circles within circles of universal time, as the cairns of Clava symbolise.  Although I’ve certainly developed as a photographer […]

Cairngorms rainbow during violent storm

Sunshine and Showers

Rainbow over the Cairngorms Braeriach, seen through a rainbow from Craigellachie.  I can scarce remember such a stormy summer (???) week.  There has been fresh snow on the high tops every day this week, with constant gales and heavy showers. In a rash moment brought on by some in-between sunshine, I climbed Craigellachie in the […]

sunset rays on creag dubh, newtonmore, from Ord Ban, Strathspey

Golden Glow

Sunset rays turning Creag Dubh orange, from Ord Ban, Strathspey I spent a good hour on the hill of Ord Ban watching as the sun sank and the ‘Golden Hour’ played its magical light across the land.  It was hazy, perfect for showing up the rays of light, and producing fantastic colour as the the […]

snow and light in trees, strathspey

Snow and light

Sunshine through snow-filled trees, Strathspey This week I awoke to find 18″ of snow overnight after Tuesday’s blizzards.  After digging out the house, I went for a cross-country ski expedition in the local woods.  Its hard going in such deep, fresh snow –  ideally one would let it settle for a few days before going […]

Frosted Cotoneaster

Frosted Cotoneaster Leaf Aren’t the colours in this perfectly seasonal?  The Solstice has passed and the darkest days are behind us, both in the cycle of 2012 and in the greater cycle of the Mayan calendar. 2012 has been an intense year in many ways, with many energetic shifts on our beautiful planet.  These are, […]

Birch sparkle

Birch sparkle, Craigellachie Lochan, Aviemore Bright sun sparkling on the reeds, as the shadow line from the sun setting behind the crag advances across the lochan.  It was a perfect autumn afternoon with a shimmer of dragonflies playing above the reeds – after a very stormy week, with fresh snow visible on the hills. “Beginnings […]

Snow Daffodil

Daffodil, Snow. Its been snowing all week, the mountains are absolutely white with the most April snow in at least 15 years. Here’s a daffodil in my garden during the week, breaking through into the sunshine for a good sparkle! ” Our longing for the eternal kindles our imagination to bless.  Regardless of how we […]