cy sunset silhouette on frozen Loch Vaa, cairngorms National Park

Icy Sunset Silhouette

Icy sunset silhouette on frozen Loch Vaa The setting sun projected its rays onto the icy surface of Loch Vaa, before an atmospheric walk home in the growing dark.  The way goes through a mysterious woodland, low-hanging branches thick with mosses, seemingly meaningful ancient stones, and occasional wandering cattle which overwinter in the shelter of […]

Strathspey afterglow

Above the mist

Strathspey afterglow from Craigellachie Solstice greetings!  Its midday, dark, and pouring on the shortest day –  time to go in and see if we’ve come full circle this year, or another spiral on the progression. This is a suitable image for today, I feel – getting above it all, and seeing the light and colour.  […]

Hare Tracks

Hare Tracks in spring snow, Monadliath mountains An image from this week last year, with deep snow and a surface of hoar-frost crystals sparkling and shimmering in the sun – perfect back-country ski conditions.  Hares had made tracks all over the moor on the edge of the woods, I loved the play of light and […]

Birch Paths

Birch Paths We still have a lot of snow in the woods, alternately deep, soft and cludgy, or treacherously icy.  Many trees are still bent right over, cemented to the ground.   Many of these have now split completely, in some parts of the woods there is total devastation.  On this particular path through the woods, […]