cy sunset silhouette on frozen Loch Vaa, cairngorms National Park

Icy Sunset Silhouette

Icy sunset silhouette on frozen Loch Vaa The setting sun projected its rays onto the icy surface of Loch Vaa, before an atmospheric walk home in the growing dark.  The way goes through a mysterious woodland, low-hanging branches thick with mosses, seemingly meaningful ancient stones, and occasional wandering cattle which overwinter in the shelter of […]

Sun and Ice

Sun and Ice, Loch an Eilein Its been an amazing week with temperatures down to -10C most nights, and some clear blue days.  Its warm in the sun, and bitter in the shade or when the wind blows!  The ice forms overnight on the loch, then breaks up under the sun and wind during the […]

Spey Snow Reflections

Snow reflections on the banks of the River Spey, near Aviemore Taken during last January’s big freeze, with ice ‘pancakes’ drifting along on the current.  I loved the rich golden sunlight and the reflections this created with the ice. One of the themes I often come back to with my quotations is the nature of […]


“SpeyBergs” – floating ice on the River Spey We had some very low temperatures during the week – several nights at  minus 15 – with stunning crisp sunny days.  Despite a thaw yesterday my garden is still covered in deep snow.  It has been almost impossible to actually get anywhere, with the deep soft snow […]

Ice Floes, River Spey

Sunset light on the River Spey near Aviemore. Our Scandinavian conditions continue… taken this afternoon on a ski along the banks of the Spey, with the sunlight creating these beautiful snowy reflections.  A constant flow of ice “pancakes” went drifting by, as the river starts to freeze after another week of constant low temperatures.  We […]

Freezing Spires, Loch Morlich

Freezing Spires – Loch Morlich, Glenmore. Taken a few days ago just before New Year, on a day of sparkling frost crystals and fantastic air clarity with a daytime high temperature of -9C.  The loch was completely frozen over (and perfectly skiable…) except for the outflow, pictured here.  The surface was steaming like a hot […]

Sunset on Ice

Sunset on Ice. Loch Insh, Strathspey. After several sub-zero days the ice had built up, with shoreline pressure-triangles created by the wind in the initial freeze.  The swans ‘trumpeting’ from the nearby marshes added to the late afternoon atmosphere. Now? Thick snow falls and I’ve been out playing on my skis all morning! As we […]

Frozen Loch Morlich

Mist rising, Loch Morlich Our snow is finally melting after a week of perfect Scandinavian conditions. Loch Morlich is pictured here with sunset approaching.  The sun had been warming the ice  all afternoon (warming being a relative term – the daytime high was minus 10 ). As the sun dipped, a band of mist rose […]

Pine in the mist, Loch Vaa

Ice Pine, Loch Vaa This pine stands proud on  its wee island in frozen Loch Vaa.  The ice and mist combined to make quite an atmosphere. “Think of the darkness inside your eyes as invisible space.  As light travels from the outside into this darkness, it can demand us to change.  What we perceive as […]

Strathspey Mist

Misty Strathspey More from the recent spell of freezing weather – Strathspey with mist filling the valley, from Glenfeshie.  As I write, a dramatic  moon is riding through stormy clouds, after a day of torrential rain – lets see what the week brings us! …and now for something completely different… In line with our recent […]