Craigellachie Birch

Blue and gold

Autumn Birch, Craigellachie A stunning autumn morning at Craigellachie lochan, one of my favourite places locally.   The lochan is definitely a morning place – at this time of year the sun sets behind the crag by late morning throwing the wood into shade.  There was just one morning recently when we had early sun, so […]

Cairngorms rainbow during violent storm

Sunshine and Showers

Rainbow over the Cairngorms Braeriach, seen through a rainbow from Craigellachie.  I can scarce remember such a stormy summer (???) week.  There has been fresh snow on the high tops every day this week, with constant gales and heavy showers. In a rash moment brought on by some in-between sunshine, I climbed Craigellachie in the […]

tree branches with sunset glow

Tree Tracery

Tree branches with sunset haze, Torr Alvie Late afternoon on Torr Alvie, on a cold but beautifully sunny spring day.  I love the character of the old native Caledonian wood which cloaks the hill – it feels very special, with its mix of birch, juniper, beech and oak. I love this characterful Birch and Juniper […]

Snowstorm, Craigellachie Lochan, Aviemore


Snowstorm, Craigellachie Lochan, Aviemore I’m making no claims that this is a great photo, snapped as it was in an instant before snow clogged the lens, but its great for sharing the atmosphere of the moment.  Snow was piling down, filling the trees, icing up the lochan.  Its good to feel and enjoy the wild […]

Birch tracery in mist


Birch outlines in mist. I love the delicate, graceful shape of the Birch and how the branches combine into a delicate tracery.  Thick mist filled the valley all day long, but it felt better to be out and enjoying it then sitting indoors thinking it looked heavy out!  Its subtle, but there’s a delicate purple […]

Birch Baubles

Birch Baubles

Birch trees shimmering with light Some more images from last week’s outing to Torr Alvie.  With no wind, the morning mist left the trees and grasses coated in dewdrops.  In the low temperature these don’t evaporate but stay all day, coating everything in a multi-faceted sparkling silveriness of countless refractions through the water drops. As […]

Sunlit silver birch

Argus Meadow

The play of light, Silver Birch, Strathspey The meadow is a wild grassland, an open space amongst the surrounding birch woods.  There are old tumbled ruins suggesting that it was once farmed, or maybe a sheiling where animals were taken to graze during the summer.  Earlier in the summer it was full of wild flowers, […]

birch light

Light in the Birch

Light in the Birch I walked to the Craigellachie lochan arriving just before sunset – the sun sets sharply behind the steep crags which circle the loch.  The birch are about to come into leaf (very early this season after the warmer winter) and have a beautiful purple colour.  I’m amazed at the effect of […]

Winter Birch reflections, Craigellachie Lochan


Calm reflections, Craigellachie lochan, Aviemore There’s been a bit of a gap in the Inspirational Image since December.  Partly down to the seemingly endless stormy weather – I haven’t been out at all with the camera in weeks – partly I’ve just had my head down!  Its been unseasonally warm (I’m using warm here in […]