River Dulnain

River Dulnain from Sluggan Bridge One of my favourite places – the sparkling River Dulnain just upstream from Sluggan Bridge, near Carrbridge, taken in the recent spell of sunshine. “The river is constantly turning and bending and you never know where it’s going to go and where you’ll wind up. Following the bend in the […]


Garden Anenome There have been many heavy showers, but overall we’ve had a great week with intense sun at times.  The garden is looking quite beautiful with the sparkly mix of sun and rain, I particularly love the colour and form of these anenomes, especially backlit like this. There’s a lovely energy to them. I’ve […]

Small pearl bordered fritillary

Small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly, Strath Dulnain I think I have correctly identified this butterfly! Summer continues… with stunning hot days of near cloudless blue.  I took this in a beautiful wild meadow of grasses, thistles and many wild flowers, in an opening in the pine and birch wood near the River Dulnain, Strathspey.   Clouds […]

River Tromie

River Tromie, Strathspey Summer arrived… for one stunning weekend. Well, until the storm broke anyway.  Yesterday was perfect for just sitting by the river, taking in the sun, seeing the intense shimmer through the vibrant greens of the trees, and keeping an eye on the massive thunderclouds building up over the mountains.  The Tromie is […]

Tarskavaig sparkle

Tarskavaig bay, Skye One from the fiddle trip to Skye last month, looking out to the Atlantic with the island of Canna on the horizon. Loving the sunshine and sparkle! This week: its all about light… “We know today that man is essentially a being of light.  And the modern science of photobiology is presently […]

Daisy opening

Daisy opening – A simple image from the garden this week. Schumann Waves Schumann waves were predicted by the great electrical genius, Nikola Tesla, in the late 19th century but not actually discovered until the 1950s.  They are described as the resonant frequency of the earth, in fact they are the result of the resonant […]


Echinacea with hover fly It seems to be time for what is becoming the annual Echinacea photo.  As a photographer, I should probably be looking out for some new aspect or way of showing it, but each year I see them with fresh eyes and perceive the warmth and energy coming from these flowers.  The […]


Yes, its been another week of rain interspersed with heavy showers, and the odd ray of sun that lasted long enough to almost make it out of the door each time.  To be fair, we had a beautiful couple of hours this evening at sunset.  Its been cold, too – the fire has been on […]

Vibrant Rowan

After several days of rain, a day of sun and sparkle.  This pair of interleaving Rowan trees caught my attention with their vibrant light. The Rowan has been revered across Europe as a sacred tree since early times.   Its older name, Quicken-Tree, from the Anglo-Saxon cvic (life) indicates ‘Sharing out the blessings of life’. (Fred […]

Feshie Lochans

I hope you had as stunning  a day as we did today – it felt like the first real summer day, given how its been for most of the last month and more.  It was quite a novelty to feel the sun’s heat on my back! Maybe its the first day of an early ‘indian […]