Loch nan Carraiagean ring cairn, aviemore

Solstice Rainbow

Solstice Rainbow over Loch nan Carraigean Ring Cairn The late December weather has been tough with hardly any let-up from the squally storms, rain turning to sleet and back again and no break before the next bout.  Come the midwinter solstice and I was determined to get out before total cabin fever set in.  After […]

Loch Alvie Mist

Loch Alvie Atmosphere

Atmospheric Evening, Loch Alvie Evening mist at loch Alvie, with only the sound of a few ducks scrabbling in the shallows, and a gentle hiss through the reeds.  I love the impressionistic blending of the sunset afterglow in the misty pre-dark, and the way that distant trees shapeshift, playing with the imagination. In a recent […]



Feather I was photographing the sunlight sparkle through the frosted grasses, when the flash of white from this feather, caught on a low branch, caught my eye.  I love the background colours in this one too. So, from a wee earthly detail, to some cosmic musing… The greatest source of light in the Universe is […]

Snowstorm, Craigellachie Lochan, Aviemore


Snowstorm, Craigellachie Lochan, Aviemore I’m making no claims that this is a great photo, snapped as it was in an instant before snow clogged the lens, but its great for sharing the atmosphere of the moment.  Snow was piling down, filling the trees, icing up the lochan.  Its good to feel and enjoy the wild […]

snow and light in trees, strathspey

Snow and light

Sunshine through snow-filled trees, Strathspey This week I awoke to find 18″ of snow overnight after Tuesday’s blizzards.  After digging out the house, I went for a cross-country ski expedition in the local woods.  Its hard going in such deep, fresh snow –  ideally one would let it settle for a few days before going […]

Strathspey afterglow

Above the mist

Strathspey afterglow from Craigellachie Solstice greetings!  Its midday, dark, and pouring on the shortest day –  time to go in and see if we’ve come full circle this year, or another spiral on the progression. This is a suitable image for today, I feel – getting above it all, and seeing the light and colour.  […]

Birch tracery in mist


Birch outlines in mist. I love the delicate, graceful shape of the Birch and how the branches combine into a delicate tracery.  Thick mist filled the valley all day long, but it felt better to be out and enjoying it then sitting indoors thinking it looked heavy out!  Its subtle, but there’s a delicate purple […]

Strathspey sunset from Torr Alvie

Misty Forest Sunset

Sunset over Strathspey  from Torr Alvie Late afternoon strands of mist rose from the forest, turning fiery in the setting sun, the camera balanced on a convenient fencepost for support in the lower light. I realised that one of the reasons I love nature photography, apart from being out in my favourite places and sharing the […]

Birch Baubles

Birch Baubles

Birch trees shimmering with light Some more images from last week’s outing to Torr Alvie.  With no wind, the morning mist left the trees and grasses coated in dewdrops.  In the low temperature these don’t evaporate but stay all day, coating everything in a multi-faceted sparkling silveriness of countless refractions through the water drops. As […]

Breathing forest

Breathing Forest

Morning mist, Cairngorms National Park The mist rising from Kennapole, as seen from Torr Alvie, with the crags of Glenfeshie beyond, on one of those rare early winter days when the world conspires (and inspires) to amaze with beauty, the forest appearing to breath. I say morning mist, in fact it was already well into […]

Loch an Eilein Ice

Loch an Eilein Ice

Loch an Eilein, Cairngorms National Park Winter really has not happened this year, this is an image from last March on a day of morning ice and stunning clarity of light.  I’m pleased with how it came out, from the stones under the ice in the foreground, to the snowy Cairngorms behind.  I love the […]