Juvenile Blackbird in Holly Tree


Juvenile Blackbird in Holly Tree The Blackbirds have been nesting in the small holly tree in my back garden for the last 3 summers, enlarging the nest each year – just visible through a tangle of prickly leaves.  That makes for a pretty safe location!  Its lovely having them so close as they hop around […]

Douglas Fir, Feshiebridge


Douglas Fir, Feshiebridge, Strathspey A visit to one of my favourite trees in the district – a beautiful Douglas Fir standing on the rocky banks where the River Feshie tumbles through a wee gorge. The tree is named after David Douglas, the Scottish botanist who first ‘discovered’ it in British Columbia and the Western USA.  […]

Aheny River, Co Kerry, Ireland

Aheny River

Aheny River, Co. Kerry, Ireland A gorge and small waterfall on the Aheny River, inland from the charming town of Kenmare.  The whole land seemed so alive and full of vibrant energy, as each turn and twist of the small road brought new heart-tugs.  I loved this wee spot with the oak trees overhanging the […]

Apple bud

Apple Blossom

Apple Bud After a week of amazing spring weather (and hailstones – it is April after all), the apple is in beautiful full blossom.  I love the delicate pink. Apple of course has a long association with love, giving in abundance.  The apple flower reflects Venus with her 5-pointed star, the same pentagram is revealed […]

tree branches with sunset glow

Tree Tracery

Tree branches with sunset haze, Torr Alvie Late afternoon on Torr Alvie, on a cold but beautifully sunny spring day.  I love the character of the old native Caledonian wood which cloaks the hill – it feels very special, with its mix of birch, juniper, beech and oak. I love this characterful Birch and Juniper […]

sunset rays on creag dubh, newtonmore, from Ord Ban, Strathspey

Golden Glow

Sunset rays turning Creag Dubh orange, from Ord Ban, Strathspey I spent a good hour on the hill of Ord Ban watching as the sun sank and the ‘Golden Hour’ played its magical light across the land.  It was hazy, perfect for showing up the rays of light, and producing fantastic colour as the the […]

Equinox Sunset on Braeriach, Cairngorm National Park

Last Light on Braeriach

Sunset on Braeriach, from Craigellachie woods. As we pass the Equinox, I’m enjoying the welcome return of light evenings here in Scotland.  We’ve had some great settled sunny weather during March, and this was on one of those days recently, when it was actually pleasant to wander around outside without requiring winter clothing. Luckily I […]

Uragh stone circle, Beara peninsula, Co. Kerry

Uragh Stone circle

Uragh stone circle, Beara peninsula, Co. Kerry The drive to Uragh is beautiful, a few miles up a winding single track road, dotted with reluctant-to-move sheep.  A few hundred yards walk up a footpath and then at the crest of the hill you come to the stone circle with its amazing backdrop and distant waterfall. […]

stone circle, ardgroom, co kerry, ireland

Beara Peninsula

Stone Circle, Beara Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland ‘Inspirational Image’ has been a bit quiet recently while I’ve been catching up after a trip to Ireland.  I was in County Cork and County Kerry, exploring the energies of the landscape and the ancient stone circle energetic engineering with master dowser Michele Fitzgerald.  I love Scotland, but […]

Spring day at Loch Vaa

Loch Vaa Spring

Spring Day, Loch Vaa A perfect April day – after a frosty start it turned bright and sparkly, the forest around the loch thick with fresh resinous pine scent in the warm sunshine.  Fish were jumping, ducks and geese busy making a clamour – everything seemed to be stretching out to enjoy the sun and […]

birch light

Light in the Birch

Light in the Birch I walked to the Craigellachie lochan arriving just before sunset – the sun sets sharply behind the steep crags which circle the loch.  The birch are about to come into leaf (very early this season after the warmer winter) and have a beautiful purple colour.  I’m amazed at the effect of […]