Golden Tresses

Golden tresses of Birch leaves, Craigellachie Taken last week before the weather turned back to winger again!  Late afternoon light at Craigellachie catches the freshly unfurled birch leaves in a golden-green glow, against the dark backdrop of the lochan and the crags behind. This is from a lovely book which I came across this week, […]


Raindrops on Columbine (Aquilegia) Spring seems to have gone into reverse, with a week of sleet and snow showers followed by days of rain.   For a while this morning though, the hills were shining with intense light on the snow.  There was a moment of sunshine yesterday too, when I took this closeup of raindrops […]

First crocus

Crocus bulb – the first colour of Spring Its been a mild week with temperatures in the 10-15C range and some lovely sunny spells where it felt good just being able to sit outside comfortably.  There was also the annual ‘day of the frogs’ where the path to the loch was strewn with frogs sunning […]

Ice Flower

Ice crystals up close These crystals were growing along the bank of a tiny frozen stream, taken lying down in the snow to be on eye-level with the surface. “All people who have developed the heart chakra and are in the habit of loving all beings, loving animals, loving nature, loving to give out love, […]

Frost Needles

Frost needles on birch twig As I write this we have an inch of fluffy snow, on top of a layer of ice.  There was one morning during the week when we had sunshine and a crisp blue sky, with these needles of ice sprouting from every blade of grass and twig.  After an hour […]

Ice patterns

Ice patterns – toned black and white Although I have converted this photo to black and white and given it a toning effect, the colours are not that far off from the original, with warm sunset colours on the blue ice.  I liked the contrast at the edge of the unfrozen pools. We’ve had quite […]

Crazy Reflections

Loch Mallachie Reflections I loved these ‘crazy reflections’ taken last weekend, with the strong low sun creating golden ripples. It hasn’t been a photography week – November has returned to type, after the long settled spell, with a weekend of savage gales and downpours, and fresh snow on the hills this morning – when they […]

Sunset Lilies

Sunset reflections, the ‘lily loch’. After a heavy downpour, the sun came out for a half hour fling before sunset.  I just had time to get to this local loch to catch the reflections of the sunset clouds through the lilies.  The water was completely still until a (Mrs Mallard) duck took off in alarm, […]

Barrel Cactus

Barrel cactus flower, Arizona This was taken near  ‘Wet Beaver Creek’, in the high desert country south of Sedona.  I loved the colour of these flowers, especially in combination with the red rock earth.  There are hazards to getting this close-up to cactus  however – the photographer received an unexpected knee acupuncture… The Kogi and […]

Willow Catkins

Willow catkins, by the River Spey, Aviemore After last weekend’s spring weather we paid for it during the week with a rather chilly few days and  fresh snow on the hills.  However, today has been another perfect day. Perfect for gardening, for just being outside… I took an evening walk along the river bank, and […]


Moss ‘forest’ detail We’ve had a wonderful few days of tremendous spring sunshine, shorts weather, even here in the Highlands.  The daffs are finally all opening, trees are showing buds all over the place, and the garden birds are competing with each other to see which can steal the most finest-quality ‘nesting’ moss from my […]

Kilmartin Rock Art

Ancient circles, Kilmartin glen, Argyll, Scotland Wheels within wheels… Kilmartin features the most extensive group of prehistoric rock carvings in Scotland.   For previous Kilmartin images, see here. Specialists will continue to argue over the meanings of these carvings, but I thought this was a good image to mark today’s Spring  equinox when day and […]