Feather I was photographing the sunlight sparkle through the frosted grasses, when the flash of white from this feather, caught on a low branch, caught my eye.  I love the background colours in this one too. So, from a wee earthly detail, to some cosmic musing… The greatest source of light in the Universe is […]

Birch tracery in mist


Birch outlines in mist. I love the delicate, graceful shape of the Birch and how the branches combine into a delicate tracery.  Thick mist filled the valley all day long, but it felt better to be out and enjoying it then sitting indoors thinking it looked heavy out!  Its subtle, but there’s a delicate purple […]

Dragonfly (Black darter) basking on rock, Craigellachie

Black Darter

Dragonfly basking on rock I think that this is a ‘Black Darter’, which lives up to its name by hardly ever being still enough to photograph, darting constantly from reed to reed and zooming around the edges of the lochan in the late summer sunshine.  When we get a day like this, I love to […]

birch light

Light in the Birch

Light in the Birch I walked to the Craigellachie lochan arriving just before sunset – the sun sets sharply behind the steep crags which circle the loch.  The birch are about to come into leaf (very early this season after the warmer winter) and have a beautiful purple colour.  I’m amazed at the effect of […]

frog, craigellachie NNR


Frog, Craigellachie Lochan, Aviemore There is a day every year which marks Spring like no other.  Suddenly, overnight, the lochan is heaving (literally) with frogs.  Frogs are everywhere, in the pond, going to the pond from the surrounding marsh and bog, or returning exhausted from the pond, sprawled across the footpath around the loch.  I […]

Birch leaf in foam on loch shore

Leaf in foam

Birch leaf in foam on the shore, Loch an Eilein Freshly fallen birch leaves were swooshing in and out on the gentle ripples on the loch shore.  I like this image, showing the movement of the bubbles and the intense yellow. “We are like children building a sand castle. We embellish it with beautiful shells, […]

Sun through grass raindrops


Midsummer evening sun through meadow raindrops. This image seems to sum up the last week for me – we’ve had day after day of humid, rainy, grey days, but within that some intense sunny spells too.  We have so many hours of daylight at midsummer, but with the constant grey cloud it can be quite […]

Moss Baubles

Ice baubles on moss Its been an amazing week of high-pressure weather, with blue skies nearly every day.  Some days with warm sun tempting us to think that its spring, other days with a biting wind and deep frost…  There isn’t a great deal of snow on the slopes, but the high plateau looks plastered, […]

Alder Branch and snow

Alder branch against snow, banks of the river Spey, Dalfaber, Aviemore A simple silhouette, but I love the blue colour of the snow shadows, taken on a wee wander along the riverbank.  As we move into mid-February the increase in light is becoming quite noticeable, and very welcome! Thanks to one of my correspondents for […]


Calligraphic Reeds, Loch Garten, October Drooping reeds and reflections are always such an attractive photographic subject (whether the picture works or not is another matter entirely!)  It was overcast at Loch Garten, but the stillness of the water made for a perfect reflection. This quote seemed appropriate this week: “The resting place of the mind […]

Small pearl bordered fritillary

Small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly, Strath Dulnain I think I have correctly identified this butterfly! Summer continues… with stunning hot days of near cloudless blue.  I took this in a beautiful wild meadow of grasses, thistles and many wild flowers, in an opening in the pine and birch wood near the River Dulnain, Strathspey.   Clouds […]

Sycamore leaf bud opening

Sycamore leaf bud opening, backlit in evening light I loved the vibrancy of this leaf as it opened, with its coppery colours backlit by the evening sun.  Spring has continued its slow progress, with another wet, cold week, but progress nonetheless! This week – who are you in resonance with?  What kind of journey are […]