cy sunset silhouette on frozen Loch Vaa, cairngorms National Park

Icy Sunset Silhouette

Icy sunset silhouette on frozen Loch Vaa

The setting sun projected its rays onto the icy surface of Loch Vaa, before an atmospheric walk home in the growing dark.  The way goes through a mysterious woodland, low-hanging branches thick with mosses, seemingly meaningful ancient stones, and occasional wandering cattle which overwinter in the shelter of the wood.  In dusky light on the edge of the wood, a hare loped across the field of frozen-hard cattle tracks, tipping his ears at me; two owls screeched; the breeze gentle, but bitter.

“A hare’s movement seems plagued by the flicks and judders of restrained energy, as if carrying an ache that can only be relieved by running. The rest of the time it’s as though they’re absorbing the earth’s energy, tapped into a ley line, shivering with pent-up static”
Rob Cowen, ‘Common Ground: Encounters with Nature at the Edges of Life’

I like what Rob Cowen writes here about hares, although for me the words aren’t quite right – hares movements aren’t plagued, its an outpouring of their tremendous vitality of energy, the way they seem to be shivering with restrained energy until they run.  This is how it would be great to be – perpetually tapped into the Earth’s energy, brimming with zest,  aware in every moment.  How about that for a self-work in progress?!

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3 thoughts on “Icy Sunset Silhouette

  1. Well Neil, your photo is fabulous, the light and the geometry; the more I look at it the more I see how wonderfully well nature has informed and taught us about shape and form. The symmetry and irregularity of nature. I like what you said about the hare; however, I am wondering, would the hare have seen the sunset and captured it in the way you have?
    How about that for self-work in progress?
    Happy Tuesday.
    Marlene. x

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