Old pine stump relections at Loch Mallachie sunset

Mallachie Pine

Old Pine, Loch Mallachie at sunset

An old pine standing in the bog in the (very) squelchy edge of Loch Mallachie, Strathspey. Photographing here always means wet feet… but its worth it for the colours, the reflections, and the atmosphere.

Loch Mallachie pines at the waters edge, Cairngorms National ParkPines at the water’s edge, glowing with sunset colour

Local wildlife photographer Neil McIntyre is creating a book on one of our native woodlands iconic animals – the Red Squirrel – an animal he has spent many years creating a relationship with.  The book project is currently up on kickstarter to seek funding.  You can read more about the project here and hopefully give it some support.  I’m involved with the project in my capacity as web-designer for Scotland: The Big Picture.

Recently I’ve been reading Scottish nature writer Jim Crumley on his experiences walking in the woods of the Cairngorms, and Scotland’s other wild places.  I like what he relates here, how a deepening relationship with a particular place encouraged a greater self-awareness and self-acceptance:

“There is an order, a discipline, a rhythm, and it is nature’s doing, existing quite outwith the world of people. None of this dawned on me quickly; there was no bolt of lightning, but rather it grew on me in layers, like moss… I reached a point where I became frustrated that so much was out of my reach because I thought I was not good enough at tuning in.  But then I grew out of that feeling and grew beyond it to a place where I value the mysteries of nature beyond all else.”

– Jim Crumley ‘The Great Wood’

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