Cairngorms Mist Inversion

Cloudscape above mist inversion, Cairngorms

The forecast promised a classic September morning – early mist followed by bright sun.  I was ready for it with an early start, and after an hour’s steep climb was on the ridge above the mist.  I was rewarded with amazing views across the misty forest and into the Cairngorms, the sun  hidden behind clouds, but with dramatic beams shining down to set the mist alight.

Lairig Ghru, Cairngorms, in September morning mistMist filling the Lairig Ghru pass

I stayed, enjoying the balmy sunshine, as mist patches formed and flowed, shape-shifting familiar features of the landscape into indistinct shapes, streaming over the mountain ridges.

“The true human is someone who is aware, someone who is, moment by moment, totally and completely merged with life.  He is a listener. She is a listener.  … The true listener is no longer defined by desires or attachments.  Instead, he or she is sensitized to consciousness.

Listening is understanding the mystery of vibration because listening has to do with the inner vibration of the descending intelligence of the moment. … Inner listeners, or people who are continually listening to life as it is unfolding, are true humans because they are picking up vibrational messages before the messages become crystallized energy or perceptual forms that can be articulated by the brain.  Sensitivity, then, is paramount in developing the ability to be a good listener.  … One of the first things the true human learns is to look at life through the whole physical body”
– Joseph Rael ‘Being & Vibration’

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