Sunset Pine, Rothiemurchus

Sunset Pine, Rothiemurchus

Sunset Pine, Rothiemurchus Forest

Its been a wee while since the last image email – I’ve been busy, and the weather this summer has been – well, I think its rained every single day since midsummer!  This was on one of the good days recently when the sun deigned to shine, giving us a glorious evening with the forest bathed in golden light.  It didn’t last, as that night we had the most terrific thunderstorm, with lightning crashing across the hills every few seconds, and torrential rain.  Get out while its good, I say, and get the sun on your branches!

“Learn to trust what you cannot see far more than what you can see.”
Caroline Myss, ‘Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing’

Through my healing and spiritual journey, I’ve learned that there’s far more to everything than what meets the eye.  What we see is, like the iceberg on the ocean, just a fraction of what hides beneath.  What guides us through is feeling, and sensitivity, and an awareness also of the incredible array of energies and powers there to help and guide us.  Nature has a guiding intelligence that we are part of, and can connect with.

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