Oak tree catching golden evening light

Dundon Woods

Evening light in a beautiful Oak, Dundon wood, Somerset

The evening light was golden and hazy, and I was drawn to explore a secret path that led up ivy-covered steps, in-between trees, full of character and undergrowth.  The amazing, magical light filtered sideways through the wood,  and at almost every step I could have stopped to photograph.  Thick ivy hugged the Sycamore, Oak, Pine, Beech, and soon the path led me through an understorey of bluebells, growing in profusion on the steep hillside.

Evening light, Dundon wood, SomersetA carpet of bluebells

Bluebells in evening light, Dundon wood, SomersetBluebells in evening light

Sunset colour glowing on a beech tree, Dundon wood, SomersetSunset light glowing on the trunk of a Beech tree

It seemed a very magical, mystical place as I wandered, eventually arriving at the top of the hill for a view across the hazy Somerset landscape.

View across Somerset from Dundon hill in hazy sunset light

…and finally, a brief quote from my ‘new’ favourite writer:

“a walk is only a step away from a story, and every path tells.”
– Robert Macfarlane


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