Distant Shine

Sun glinting on the distant plateau of the Gaick hills.

Winter has still hardly arrived with only a few mildly frosty days. This weekend however saw some snow on the hills, and an icy start with blue skies.  The sun was blinding on the distant snowy mountain-tops, although obscured by the intervening thick haze, which gives a lovely airbrushed quality.

Ice bubblesIce bubbles in the bog.

Glenfeshie wintry hillsGlenfeshie mountains

Strathspey lochsStrathspey view from Craigellachie – 3 lochs and drifting mist patches.

It was very unusual (and pleasant!) to be out enjoying sunshine, and with almost no wind, a great sense of calm and space.  Until, that is, the sun went behind the growing cloud banks (above), the icy chill made itself felt, and it was definitely time to get down.

“Asking yourself deeper questions opens up new ways of being in the world. It brings in a breath of fresh air. It makes life more joyful. The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery.”

– Fred Alan Wolf (physicist)
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