Glengariff evening light, Glengariff, Co. Cork, Ireland

Glengariff Light

Changing light, Glengariff, Co. Cork, Ireland

I’ve fallen in love with this south-west corner of Ireland, her ever-changing light, and the magical landscape.  For anybody with a heart open to feeling, it truly is magical, an energy that can be sensed as you drive the winding coast, or better yet as you slowly walk in the forest, finding here and there the most amazing, majestic trees.   More on the trees in a later post!

Morning light, Glengariff, Co Cork, IrelandMorning light, Glengariff (click images for larger versions)

Sunset Rays, Glengariff, Co. Cork, IrelandSunset rays, Glengariff

Sunset glow, Glengariff, Co. Cork, IrelandSunset glow, Glengariff

I love this image with the suns rays shooting up above the mountain connecting with the sense of space, but the trees earthing and giving a deep presence and stillness.

It seems appropriate to quote from W.B. Yeats, who apart from being one of the literary greats of the early 20th century, also wrote on Irish folklore and on meetings with the Faeries and the mystical world.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
– W.B. Yeats

“There is another world, but it is in this one.”
– W.B. Yeats



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