Loch Garten sunset, Strathspey, Scotland

Loch Garten Sunset Pines

Sunset Pines, Loch Garten, Strathspey

Most of the day had been grey, however as evening came on the clouds cleared allowing the setting sun to shine through.  Loch Garten has very ‘fluid’ edges, with boggy marshes and pine-islands, and one of these made an atmospheric sunset-spot.  The sense of space and quiet was immense, with a gentle sighing of the breeze in the reeds and pines, a few geese overhead calling their goodnight, and the distant call of (possibly) a diver.  I love the orange sunset-ripples through the reeds.

sunset ripples, loch gartenSunset ripples, Loch Garten

I’ve been re-reading ‘Tuning the Diamonds‘ by Susan Joy Rennison.  I believe this to be a very important book, full of ground–breaking research concerning ‘space weather’ (which is now impacting greatly on our Earth electrical systems), atmospheric physics, new energies bathing our planet, and how these impact our health and our spiritual development as individuals and as a species.  The author, a physicist, is highly sensitive and has personal knowledge through her sensitivity of the spiritual-energetic reality of life, and is seeking ways forward to integrate this knowing with ‘new’ physics.

Her book makes a lot of sense to me -as a highly sensitive engineer-scientist with personal experience of the spiritual-energetic reality of life!

“Strengthening the human energy field means moving into greater levels of balance.  To do this we have to re-calibrate, which means re-arranging the electromagnetic charge is distributed in our energy fields.  Today the calibration process can be measured and spiritual progress, the evolution of consciousness, can be registered using scientific protocols. ”
– Susan Joy Rennison, ‘Tuning the Diamonds


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