September morning reflections, Loch an Eilein, Strathspey

September Morning

Golden September Morning, Loch an Eilein

We often have the best ‘summer’ weather late on, in September.  Its the classic time of early morning mist, golden sunny warmth, and chill evenings.  Here in Scotland we’ve enjoyed a few such days this week.

This is early morning at one of my favourite places. The thick mist of an hour earlier thinned and suddenly vanished, revealing a day of stunning clarity.

Rewilding is a growing concept – the realisation that Nature needs connected wild spaces in order to exist, and that a healthy ecosystem is essential for our human health, in physical, emotional and spiritual ways.

I’m very pleased to share with you ‘Scotland: The Big Picture‘ which is a new project developed by (among others)  top UK wildlife & conservation photographer, Peter Cairns.  The aim of the project is to educate and raise awareness about Rewilding, through the use of stunning photography, focusing on Scotland.  I have a role in the project, as website designer & programmer.

Rewilding is not about turning the clock back to recreate the past; rewilding is a bold, exciting vision for the nature of the future, where large expanses of land and sea are governed solely by natural processes.

Rewilding seeks to repair nature’s broken bits and restore a network of inter-connected habitats along with the species needed to sustain dynamic living systems.

Rewilding recognises and harnesses the benefits of ecosystems that function as they should. Practical benefits, health benefits and economic benefits are all products of rewilding.
– Peter Cairns (


“Acts of creation are ordinarily reserved for gods and poets, but humbler folk may circumvent this restriction if they know how. To plant a pine, for example, one need be neither god nor poet; one need only own a shovel. By virtue of this curious loophole in the rules, any clodhopper may say: Let there be a tree – and there will be one.”
Aldo Leopold

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