Beams of golden light across Flodden Moss from the Campsie Fells after a storm

Campsie Gold

Beams of golden light after a storm

Dramatic skies on a stormy summer evening, in the Campsie Fells near Fintry, North of Glasgow. Looking across the Flodden moss towards the Trossachs and Ben Lomond in the distance.  And yes, it did pour on me, but not for long 🙂

Electric clouds - Storm clouds and sunbeams in the Campsie FellsThe cloudscapes were amazing, with everchanging vivid blues, all shades of gray, touches of violet and illuminated from within by gold.  In Gaelic, the colour ‘grey’ comes into a lot of placenames, mountain names, but it is the grey of the natural landscape, meaning an infinitely subtle variety of the soft tones found in our Scottish landscape, the colour of mountains seen through rain-clouds, from misty greens to blues to purples.  The whole relationship between landscape and language, the subtle influences on culture and imagination, run deep.

 “Words act as compass; place-speech serves literally to en-chant the land – to sing it back into being, and to sing one’s being back into it … Landscape… can ‘enlarge the imagined range for self to move in.”
Robert Macfarlane, The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot

“We lack – we need – a term for those places where one experiences a ‘transition’ from a known landscape… into ‘another world’: somewhere we feel and think significantly differently. They exist even in familiar landscapes: there when you cross a certain watershed, recline or snowline, or enter rain, storm or mist. Such moments are rites of passage that reconfigure local geographics, leaving known places outlandish or quickened, revealing continents within counties.”
– Robert Macfarlane, The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot


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