Breathing forest

Breathing Forest

Morning mist, Cairngorms National Park

The mist rising from Kennapole, as seen from Torr Alvie, with the crags of Glenfeshie beyond, on one of those rare early winter days when the world conspires (and inspires) to amaze with beauty, the forest appearing to breath.

I say morning mist, in fact it was already well into the afternoon before the mist had risen this far, and it wasn’t far into the afternoon before wispy strands started forming again up and down the valley.  The trees were coated in dew droplets and looked completely silvery from a distance; close-up every single drop refracted the light creating myriads of rainbow-sparkles as I walked up the hill.  (I’m saving these images for another day).


The River Spey winding its way through the woodlands beneath Kennapole hill.


Loch Alvie

A view down to Loch Alvie .

Tantalisingly, the loch can only be glimpsed between the trees, and never seen in its entirety.

By late afternoon the setting sun shone through the layers off mist creating a fabulous colour show – but I’m saving these images for another day.  Here’s a taster, though.

Glenfeshie hills

Golden afternoon colours through the misty atmosphere – Glenfeshie hills.

I’ll add only the simplest of words to this, with such a beautiful thought:

“I like to wash,
the dust of this world
In the droplets of dew.”

– Basho (1644 – 1694, recognized as the greatest master of Haiku)


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