Dragonfly (Black darter) basking on rock, Craigellachie

Black Darter

Dragonfly basking on rock

I think that this is a ‘Black Darter’, which lives up to its name by hardly ever being still enough to photograph, darting constantly from reed to reed and zooming around the edges of the lochan in the late summer sunshine.  When we get a day like this, I love to spend some time just sitting by the lochan soaking up the sun, and watching the play of life.  There are some beautiful small turquoise blue dragonflies which are far too fast for me, as well as big reds, yellows, greens…  Wild bees foraging, usually a heron or two patiently stalking knee deep near the water’s edge, ducks too.  If you sit still, eventually a dragonfly will land on your arm – usually on the hand holding the camera – the one below landed on my shoe for a brief moment. Dragonfly on shoe


I found this wee haiku which I think beautifully expresses the season.

The beginning of autumn
decided by
the red dragonfly.

– Shirao (Japanese poet 1738 – 1791)

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