Poppy Raindrops

Poppy Raindrops

Raindrops on poppy

One from the garden this week, to illustrate summer in Scotland.  Its bright and sunny, then as the towering cumulo-nimbus pass, the temperature drops about 10 degrees and the downpour… pours.

I love the richness of colour in this, though, with the brightness of the water droplets.

I’m very aware of, and sensitive to, the sounds in our environment and how this affects us on many levels. The constant human sound-pressure in the city, yet all around are birds calling, bees.  In my own garden, the steady slow drip from a leaky gutter adds its own percussion when it rains.

Here’s Dan Pearson writing about his experience of sound in the desert:

“The silence of desert is a particular thing and you very quickly realise that for most of your conscious ,life you are filtering several layers ofsound that, when stripped back, leave you with a very specific feeling.  It is not emptiness that you are ex[periencing, as you are aware of everything.  The first scuttle of a lizard as the sun breaks the horizon or the solitary screech of a bird’s first calls or even your own breathimng.  You are thrown back on your senses, whicvh allows you to get as close as you can be to your surroundings.”

– Dan Pearson, ‘Spirit’

Take the time to tune in to, and feel, the sounds around you.  Become more aware of the many influences in your environment. You may hear and experience far more more than you might think!

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