Uragh stone circle, Beara peninsula, Co. Kerry

Uragh Stone circle

Uragh stone circle, Beara peninsula, Co. Kerry

The drive to Uragh is beautiful, a few miles up a winding single track road, dotted with reluctant-to-move sheep.  A few hundred yards walk up a footpath and then at the crest of the hill you come to the stone circle with its amazing backdrop and distant waterfall.

Uragh stone circle, Beara peninsula, Co. Kerry

The sheep aren’t interested

Wifi – an awareness!

Being away from it all, with no wifi and with the mobile phone switched off, had quite an impact when I came back into a wifi zone.  I had no idea previously the effect that these signals have on our systems, and had put the various symptoms I have been feeling down to various things, but its unmistakeable – my body and energetic system now recognises the signature of wifi and mobile phone signals.  As soon as I come into a wifi zone, or near a device with strong wifi signal (such as most tablets and smartphones) my body becomes stressed, my head becomes fuzzy and blurred, eyesight is strained.

You may not be as energetically sensitive, but wifi will still be impacting your system.  Wifi may well be responsible for a surge in poor sleep quality over the last few years.  I urge you to minimise your wifi exposure – despite it being so handy and amzing (I love technology!).  At the very least, consider turning off your wifi at night.  I have gone back to plugging my laptop into a wired connection to the router, and can work with a much clearer head.   I’ll turn on wifi for the short durations when I actually need it for certain devices.

Also be aware that you’ll need to switch off wifi on your devices when not actually in use, as they can still be sending out a strong signal searching for a station.


This quote is about the big questions beings asked in physics, but it applies as well to ordinary life situations!

“The boldness of asking deep questions may require unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers.”

– Brian Greene ‘The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory’

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One thought on “Uragh Stone circle

  1. I always love your images Neil but I especially love todays pictures and words. I think about the beautiful energy of our natural environment and of those beautiful stone circles dotted throughout your great land and then contrast it with the distorted energies of modern technology. I too feel the effects and have started turning my wifi off at night too and noticed a huge improvement in my sleep. I hope more people become aware of this issue and do the same. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. Silvana (Australia)

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