Midwinter sunset

Midwinter Sunset

Solstice Sunset over Craigellachie, from Granish Moor, near Aviemore

This is taken from near by the local Neolithic ‘Ring Cairn’ (otherwise known as the Stone Circle, which it isn’t), a suitable walk for midwinter solstice.  Dramatic beams of light striking the clouds, shortly after sunset.

Its been a very dark couple of weeks (physically), with storms, high winds, bucketing rain, dark clouds, and just now, violent sleet. Here in the North of Scotland, sunrise (when it can be bothered rising above the clouds on the mountains) is about 10am, and sunset behind the hill of Craigellachie at about 2pm.  Most days recently it hasn’t exactly  been what you would call light in-between.  Its been perfect however, for sitting in by the fire being cosy!

This week, a sideways look at the fundamental forces of the universe… I can’t believe I haven’t quoted from Terry Pratchett before now.

“The universe, they say, depended for its operation on the balance of four forces which they identified as charm, persuasion, uncertainty, and bloody-mindedness.”
– Terry Pratchett, ‘The Light Fantastic’

“It is now known to science that there are many more dimensions than the classical four. Scientists say that these don’t normally impinge on the world because the extra dimensions are very small and curve in on themselves, and that since reality is fractal most of it is tucked inside itself. This means either that the universe is more full of wonders than we can hope to understand or, more probably, that scientists make things up as they go along.”
– Terry Pratchett, ‘Pyramids

With Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas.

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