Fiery sunset mist, caledonian forest, Rothiemurchus

Fiery Mist

Fiery mist in the Caledonian Forest, Rothiemurchus

Our three weeks of heatwave summer came crashing to an end on saturday with some close-up thunder, lightning and torrential rain.  However, shortly before sunset the sun reappeared, and the forest started steaming after all the rain.  I spent a breathless ten minutes jumping through the heathery bog chasing the incredible golden glow as the setting sun illuminated the mist.  The heather was silver with the millions of sparkling rain-drops, each drop refracting a rainbow of light.  I could mention the clouds of midges… but for a while they did not exist as I had complete focus on the light and the moment of the photograph.  Golden treasure, indeed!

 “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

– Paulo Coelho ‘The Alchemist’

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