Skaill bay, orkney

Skaill bay, Orkney

Skaill bay, Orkney, at sunset.

An image from my last trip to Orkney a couple of years ago.  This was an experimental image with an exposure time of 2 seconds to slightly blur the wave motion.  I’ll leave you to imagine the biting cold wind – but I love the colours.

I liked this quote in Shakti Gawain’s book, writing about the challenges of integrating your spirit with the physical form, both have their own wisdom and consciousness, and they can be going at different speeds…

“The second step is to love and accept both aspects of yourself.  they are both beautiful and vital parts of you.  Without your spirit you wouldn’t be alive – you’d only be a dead body!  Without your form you wouldn’t be able to be in this world – you’d be existing in some other realm of consciousness.

It may be frustrating at times to see that your form can’t live up to all the ideals that your spirit may have.  It’s important to recognize that our form has its own wisdom and the spirit can learn from the form just as the reverse is true.

One important key to integrating spirit and form is learning to listen to your intuition and acting on it.  Your inner guidance will always move you in the direction of greater balance and integration between form and spirit.  Even in the process of learning to trust your inner guidance, however, you can’t move faster than your form is ready to go.

Here is a very important point: you cannot force your form to trust and follow intuition through will.  You must allow it to educate itself through concious observation.

In other words, you can’t force yourself to always follow your intuitive feelings, even though you desire to live that way.  Sometimes it may seem llike too big a risk; even though your spirit knows it would work out, your form is too afraid to do it.  Don’t push yourself past what you are ready to do.  Simply observe the process and be honest with yourself about how it feels and what happens.  Then, the change will happen naturally and spontaneously.”

– Shakti Gawain, ‘Living in the Light’

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