Alder Branch and snow

Alder branch against snow, banks of the river Spey, Dalfaber, Aviemore

A simple silhouette, but I love the blue colour of the snow shadows, taken on a wee wander along the riverbank.  As we move into mid-February the increase in light is becoming quite noticeable, and very welcome!
Thanks to one of my correspondents for alerting me to this article in the Guardian recently about the magical qualities of the woods in Northern Scotland in winter.

“… the rational mind shies away from the idea of elemental beings and environmental spirits… Unfortunately, it is not hard to deny the existence of an evolutionary strand that has no physical form, even though it may provide a valuable service to living beings.  Put the other way about, it would greatly serve the further evolution of human beings if our rationally moulded consciousness were given access to the sensitive, feeling quality of the environmental consciousness – that is, of elemental beings.

We ourselves, as incarnate humans, are part of the Earth – and Elemental-Conciousness, and we think, so to speak, with its brain.  As cosmic souls we could not rightly find our way in the terrestruial world if a part of the elemental world had not put itself at our disposal to think and feel within material space.

Recognition of the elemental world must be understood as an essential part of recognising oneself.”

– Marko Pogacnik, ‘Nature spirits & Elemental Beings – Working with the Intelligence in Nature’


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