Crazy Reflections

Loch Mallachie Reflections

I loved these ‘crazy reflections’ taken last weekend, with the strong low sun creating golden ripples.

It hasn’t been a photography week – November has returned to type, after the long settled spell, with a weekend of savage gales and downpours, and fresh snow on the hills this morning – when they were briefly visible.  It was snowing heavily down here for a while on friday, but not lying.  Apart from that, we’ve entered the twilight zone – if you haven’t got out in the morning, forget it,  after lunch its heading towards dark, at least on these stormy days.  I remember being amused reading a recommendation by Dr Deepak Chopra that we should all spend at least an hour outside in the sunshine every day.  I believe the good doctor lives in California…

“… the simple elegance of nature makes big changes possible from small experiences, because its the choices we make in our everyday lives that merge with those of other people to become the collective answer to the crises of our time.

Its in the way we choose to live our lives each day that the essence of our choices – the theme of cooperation or competition, the power of love or fear – is imbued into the field that connects all things.  Each day we have the power in our hands to help or hinder the lives of others.

I’ve seen the principles of heart-based coherence work successfully in diverse venues ranging from a corporate boardroom to a theatre of 5000 people.  The key is that when we change, the world changes.  In a world bathed in a scientifically validated field that connects all hearts, the question is less about how to reach ‘them’ – the CEOs of corporations and the leaders of nations – and more about what we choose to place into the energetic matrix connecting us all.”

– Gregg Braden, ‘Deep Truth’

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