Sunset Lilies

Sunset reflections, the ‘lily loch’.

After a heavy downpour, the sun came out for a half hour fling before sunset.  I just had time to get to this local loch to catch the reflections of the sunset clouds through the lilies.  The water was completely still until a (Mrs Mallard) duck took off in alarm, creating these artistically-intriguing ripples.

This week, a wee story from one of my favourite ‘wee story’ books.

The Little Monster that Grew and Grew

A soldier returning home alone from a great battle found a monster blocking his path.  It wasn’t much of a monster, in fact it was quite pathetic.  It was small, its claws were blunt, and most of its teeth were missing.  The soldier had won all the battles he had ever been in and was considered something of a hero.

He decided he would deal with the rather feeble-looking monster there and then.

He had run out of bullets, so using his rifle as a club he brought the creature to the ground with a single blow.  Then he stepped over it and continued along the path.  Within minutes the  monster was in front of him again, only now it looked slightly larger and its teeth and claws were  a bit sharper.

Once again he hit the monster, but this time it took several blows to bring it down.  Again he stepped over it, and again, a few minutes later, the monster appeared before him, bigger than ever.

The third time, no matter how much he hit the monster it would not go down.  It grew larger and more ferocious with each blow.  Defeated, the soldier fled back down the path, with the monster chasing after him.  Yet by the time it arrived a the spot where he’d first seen it, the monster had returned to its original size.

When another traveller appeared on the path the soldier stopped him and warned him of what had happened. ‘Maybe we can fight it together,’ he suggested, ‘then we will overcome it.’

‘Let’s just leave the feeble little thing where it is,’ said the traveller. ‘If you pick a quarrel when you don’t really have to, then it simply grows more unpleasant.’

And so they did. They walked around the toothless little monster and continued unhindered along the path.

– from ‘The Story Giant’ by Brian Patten

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