Mount Assiniboine from Mount Rundle, Canadian Rockies

September always puts me into a travelling mode… No, I haven’t gone away anywhere, this is one from the archives from my treks in the Canadian Rockies many years back. On this day I climbed Mt Rundle, near Banff, to about 10,000 feet, but I loved the view of Mt Assiniboine in the hazy distance, towering above everything else in the region.

Some of you will recognise the image from the inner of my CD ‘Transcendence‘!

Back in the Highlands of Scotland we have been enjoying several days of Indian summer (shock!) – lying out this afternoon gazing up at a cloudless deep blue sky – quite amazing!

“… our heart does, indeed, have a mind of its own.  The heart possesses its own independent nervous system, referred to as ‘the brain of the heart’.  At least 40,000 neurons in the heart are used to communicate with consciousness-related brain centers.

The heart does not automatically obey the brain’s messages, but actually interprets neural signals and bases a response on the individual’s current emotional status.  The heart employs its own distinct logic, heartbeats are not merely the mechanical rhythms of life but, rather, represent an intelligent language.  Analyses of EKG patterns demonstrate that the heart has far more to do with perceptions and behavioral reactions than Western science has ever imagined.

HeartMath researchers confirmed what religion, poetry, and our own intuition have been telling us.  The heart is the interface between consciousness and physiologic responses that generate emotions.  What’s more, they found that the impact of love is real and biochemically measurable.”

– Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, Spontaneous Evolution.

If you are interested in consciously linking to and exploring the ‘brain in the heart’ I can thoroughly commend the meditation suggested by Drunvalo in his book “Living in the Heart“.

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