Scotch Argus butterfly on thistle

Today was the first sunny, warm day in … a long time!  I took a short walk to a favourite natural meadow surrounded by birch woodland, full of wild flowers.  There were literally hundreds of Scotch Argus butterflies flying around in clouds, landing 3 or 4 at a time on the thistles.  However, they turned out to be faster than this photographer!

“So what is it like to really ‘be in your body’?  Most of us think we ‘have’ a body, that it’s down below us somewhere doing something – heart beating, blood moving, food digesting.  But to actually be in your body to such a degree that you become the body and know the world from its point of view – that’s another thing.  You’re at ‘eye level’ with life.  You have direct experience of life and a live connection to the world.  You respond immediately to situations without pausing to analyse and compare, and you’re honest and fully engaged with each action.  You’re so in the moment that you can instantly expand and contract, go left or right, and adjust your energy perfectly to fit the circumstances at hand.  Some people call it ‘being in your groove’ or in the ‘zone’.”

– Penney Peirce, ‘frequency’.

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