Lochan Mor Rainbow

Sunset Rainbow, Lochan Mor, Rothiemurchus There have been a lot of rainbows this last few weeks… there’s been a lot of rain!  I had a quick trip out one evening to enjoy the light, as the daily pour had temporarily ceased.  The sun obliged by granting me this lovely rainbow, and a beautiful reflection of […]

Water Lily

Hidden Depths

Water Lily, Lochan Mor, Rothiemurchus Continuing my annual quest to get the water lily image that I’m after in my head – I’m still not there.  The problem is all in the approach – the lilies like to be around a metre deep; this wee loch slopes off very quickly; I need to get closer […]

Giant Guardians, Findhorn Gorge

Forest Guardians

Guardian Giants, on the Findhorn Gorge From a sparkling day in early summer when all the leaves are fresh and brand new.  These two giant-sized (for the UK) fir (possibly Silver Fir) stand guard near the banks of the Findhorn Gorge.  As soon as I’m in the area I feel their uplifting energy,  they have […]

Birch wood coming into leaf, Craigellachie national Nature Reserve, Scotland

Birch Leafings

Birch coming into leaf, Craigellachie National Nature Reserve, Strathspey The birch wood started coming into leaf during the recent amazing spring weather.  Its always a joy to see the transformation over a few days from coppery winter branches to the bright yellow-green of the new leaves.  The mix of colours is lovely to see, with […]

Sunset Pine, Glen Einich

Sunset Pine

Scots Pine silhouetted at sunset, Glen Einich The sun sets behind the Monadhliath mountains in the distance, through the branches of a lonesome pine, high above the main treeline. The Highlands have been basking in stunning spring weather for most of the last fortnight – an abrupt switch from two weeks ago when it was […]

Loughcrew Hills, Co. Meath, Ireland

Loughcrew Hills

Loughcrew Hills, Co. Meath, Ireland Dramatic clouds filled the sky all around, while a spotlight shone down on my patch of hilltop, before moving on to pick out features on the hillside opposite.  I love how expressive the trees are in this landscape.  The land feels so alive. This is an ancient landscape, with hilltop […]

Clouds on Fire

Clouds on Fire

Clouds catching the sunset, Glen Einich I love this time of year,  as winter gives way to signs of spring, the days rapidly lengthen, and the evenings are long enough to get out for a quick spin on the bike before dark. In this case, a quick spin up the Glen Einich track to the […]

Pine Tree, Loch Vaa, Ice freeze, Cairngorms National Park

Pine Freeze

Pine Tree, Loch Vaa The light was stunning on this day –  it had an intense quality, reminiscent of the light I’ve experienced in Arizona or the Colorado mountains.  Loch Vaa was a frozen expanse, glinting in the sunshine. Something about this tree grabbed me, apart from its wonderful shapes – it seemed to be […]

Sun and snow on birch tree

Snow Trees

Snow and Sun Its been an unusually calm winter with very little snow.  For just a few days last month we had a few inches of soft fluffy whiteness, perfect for an afternoon wander in the sudden sunshine after snow showers. The sun was low, giving this striking illumination in the birch. After sunset, the […]

Balcoes View, Ribeiro Frio, Madeira, portugal


The view from Balcoes, Ribeiro Frio, Madeira. Looking down to Porto da Cruz and the ocean beyond. Despite the rugged panorama, this was an easy 3km walk on a nearly-flat gradient, alongside one of Madeira’s famous levada irrigation channels.  The walk took us through a ferny woodland and rock cuttings before coming to the spectacular […]

Birch tresses in winter light

Birch Tracery

Birch in winter light, Craigellachie Coppery tresses of birch streaming in the wind. The heavy frost which had built up over several days was thawing as a warmer breeze came in, making the birch glisten in the sun.  I love how the tresses adorn this most graceful of trees, and her wintry silver and copper […]

Misty goln sunset rays across strathspey

Misty Golden Distance

Golden rays stream across Strathspey before sunset It has been below freezing all week, with some lovely sunny days – although daylight doesn’t last long now we’re almost into December. I took the steep route up Craigellachie, over very steep ground in deep shade, and emerged blinking in bright sunshine onto the ridge for the […]